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Transform your kitchen in 7 days or less

Get marble-like finished countertops with personalized color palette to upscale your kitchen on a budget.

Save thousands of dollars

Marble countertops range up to $100 p/sqft and that doesn't include the cost of labor for installation. With expoxy you get to keep your current countertops - saving you thousands - while creating the kitchen of your dreams. 

Less than 7 days, guaranteed

Uplevel your kitchen in a matter of days - not weeks. Our expert team guarantees a completed project in under 7 days of your money back.*

*NOLA Building Group gurantees that work on countertop areas measuring 500 sq ft or less will take seven days or less to complete. Square footage bigger than this need more curing time and do not apply. 


Let's get started

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How the magic happens

Customized to the inch

Choose up to 3 colors from our wide selection and let us know which countertops (or living area) you'd like to uplevel. We'll take measurements and follow-up with a FIXED COST estimate. 

Mixed to satisfaction

All our epoxy resins are hand tinted, mixed and poured to give you a marble-like finish for a fraction of the time and budget. Once mixed and poured the epoxy will need up to 72 hours to dry. 

Lifetime of wow

We only use the highest quality resins  ensuring your new countertops are resistant to UV rays, scratches and water giving you have a gorgeous  kitchen (with minimal upkeep) for life.

Our work

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy, also known as resin, is a type of polymer. It can be tinted any color and poured to look like marble finish. When dry and fully cured, epoxy is stain proof, water proof and scratch resistance making it ideal for kitchen countertops. 

Unlike peel and stick options, Epoxy can last a lifetime with very little maintenance. 

Marble Floor
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