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Home Repair

We're locally run, family operated and dedicated to serving our surrounding Lake Norman and Charlotte-Metro communities. From small to large projects, we're your go-to trusted home repair team. 

How we work:  

  • We charge for estimates because we take them seriously. We show up on time, take measurements, ask questions, and make sure we're satisfying your needs. We then follow up with a thorough proposal that includes a fixed cost, timeline, and list of materials needed. 

  • We credit back the estimate fee when you start to work with us. And, are happy to do so. 

  • We never upsell on materials and charge for labor only. All of our projects are fixed cost so you never have to worry about getting a surprise bill at the end of a job. We're also always happy to supply receipts for materials purchased during a project. 

Modern Bathroom


Bathroom renovations, extensions and repairs 

Book an estimate

Book time with one of our expert team members to review your project and get answers. Estimate fees are credited back at the start of your project.  

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